How I use Notion to plan and manage tasks

Nithin Sai
3 min readJun 19, 2021


Notion is amazing tool to plan, organize and document pretty much everything. It has a lot of features and very smooth and quite easy to work with.

In this article I am going to briefly walk through how planning has become exciting for me and how I use Notion to manage almost everything I do. My Notion template is attached at the bottom :)

My Homepage


My Homepage is made of 3 parts.


Timeline view helps me visualize the the current status, pending and future tasks. Being able to visualize tasks of all categories at a high level helps me understand how I need to allocate my time and not over/under spend time on a single task.

I divide my tasks into two types, Epics and Tasks. Epics are the parent tasks which can have multiple sub tasks. All my high level tasks become Epics and small tasks become Tasks.

The tasks can be sorted by Category and Priority, Notion also supports drag and drop feature to move or extend tasks.

Sample Task card

Topic Gallery

Gallery view gives a thumbnail view for all the categories I am working on. I maintain one gallery card per category. Once completed I archive the card.

All the documentation and notes belonging to a category sit inside the card. Each Gallery card has a Kan-ban board at the top and collection of notes below it. Kanban boards help in easily move the card and change the status of the task.

Task Inbox

Task Inbox

This is where I list down what needs to be worked on. For the tasks I decide to pick up I assign the Category and Task type and set listed as True.

All the cancelled tasks get moved to the Archived box.


  • I am planning to add more features on Category home and organize the sections neatly.
  • Sync with my Google calendar with notion to block time slots.
  • Update Task Inbox view.
  • Figure out if sprints would be useful or an over kill.

Suggestions and Improvisations are most welcome. I have published the template you can find it here.



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