Working from Goa for digital nomads

Nithin Sai
4 min readNov 16, 2021

Goa is definitely one of the best places to work remotely from with so many beaches and a vibrant crowd. I really wanted be near to the beach or work from some cafe near to the beach.

I did a lot of research on where to stay, work and eat while in Goa. I am a software developer and I needed a place with good internet and quite place.Two main options were

  • North Goa
  • South Goa

I picked North Goa as It had more hostels and Cafes when compared to South Goa. Some good beaches in North Goa

  • Morjim
  • Mandrem
  • Vagator
  • Anjuna
  • Arambol

Next I spent two weeks in Goa understand more about the places and beaches.

  • Morjim and Mandrem have good Airbnbs and 1–2BHKs for longer stay.
  • Anjuna, Vagator if you are looking for hostels.

Below are some places where I worked out of from and their reviews.

Cafes (Co-working oriented spaces)

  • Barefoot (My pick)
  • Clay

Hostels (Hostels with co-working spaces)

  • Jungle by Strumfrei (My pick)
  • Greenspace
  • GoStops


  • They charge Rs 500 per day, Its fully redeemable on food and beverages.

Barefoot is beautiful workspace near Parra. They have good internet, homemade food and a small Bar. They have a wood house with AC and a outdoor cafe. You can work from either of the places and they have a phone booth for meetings.

Woodhouse source: Barefoot website

My review:

Food was really nice, People are nice. And since its far from tourist places. The kind of people who come are work focused.

Internet is fast but they use normal home routers multiple of them. So it can get slow if everyone is connected to same router. But the best internet in Goa. You need a private vehicle to reach the place.


  • They charge Rs 499 per day, Its fully redeemable only Coffee and Tea.

Clay is a cute cafe is situated in Anjuna, Its quite close if you are staying in Vagator or Anjuna. The place is quite and work friendly and very close to the beach.

source: clay website

My review:

Its a work friendly place but as the cover price is only redeemable on Beverages, Its not a great deal for the price. Also we need to pre order food, So If you reach the place post 12 pm. You probably wont get food at the cafe.

You need a private vehicle to reach the place.

Jungle By Strumfrei

  • They charge Rs 500 per day and its free if you are staying with them at the hostel.

Jungle is beautiful hostel with a dedicated co-working space and good internet. They have private rooms and dorm beds available. Its situated in Vagator and less than a km from the beach. They have an in house cafe and bar. The dedicated workspace has AC and its called Work Den. You can work from the common spaces as well.

They have Open mic event every Monday, Its jam packed with people. Good music and food.

Work Den (source: jungle website)
Common Space (source: jungle website)
Outdoor seating (source: jungle website)

My review:

Jungle is my best pick as you don't need a private vehicle to travel between stay and workplace and no need to pay any extra money if you are staying at the hostel. They have good food and a decent Bar.

There are lot more options for food in a stone throw distance and beach in less than a km.

Feel free to ping me for any more for help. I will also be writing a detailed blog on the below items.

  • Renting a Scooter/Bike
  • Renting a flat
  • Reviews of hostels



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